DocFusion revolutionises

Business processes must be compliant, resource-effective and automated in order to eliminate risk and sustain productivity. DocFusion, introduced by Assimilated Information Systems (AIS), represents the next level in composing complex document or contract scenarios, integrated with Microsoft technologies.

AIS is a South African software and information technology service provider that specialises in expert software development for Microsoft platforms.

DocFusion is a dynamic, template-driven document composition and automation engine designed to help businesses manage all document content and processes.

 The SOA-based scalable turnkey solution includes features such as digital signatures, dynamic barcoding, rule-driven content creation, easy-to-use drag-and-drop designer, complex workflow, managed legal clause and corporate identity libraries.

In practice the solution can be used to streamline document processes with rule-based content creation, dynamic branding, enterprise-wide document consistency, digital signatures, removing paper from processes, and generating documents on-demand or in batch, to distribute through multiple channels.

It also allows users to manage templates from a central repository (user/role based, version controlled), update templates dynamically, and generate documents in various output formats.

Benefits to the user include highly customisable templates with the complexity driven by requirements; countless templates can be used and combined (each of which can source information or draw on information sent from the point of call).

“With DocFusion we have a solution that precisely and effectively helps organise documents. If one considers the level of information and data that businesses are compelled to deal with – and the need to comply with regulation, the integration of a solution that equips users with the ability to better manage content, processes and procedures is invaluable,” says Manie du Preez, Product Manager, AIS.

“DocFusion empowers users to stay in control of their own content while managing compliance and legal risks and insuring document integrity,” Du Preez adds.